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Obama Freestyling In The Rose Garden Is A Real Thing That Happened

Yesterday, creator and star of the hit musical Hamilton, Lin Manuel Miranda, freestyle-rapped with President Obama in the White House ‘s Rose Garden.

Now that you ‘re done watching this incredible moment in history, let ‘s ruminate on the sentence at the beginning of this article, specifically the clause “freestyle-rapped with President Obama in the White House ‘s Rose Garden. ‘

For the heck of it let ‘s rephrase it to say “President Obama freestyle rapped in the White House ‘s Rose Garden. ‘ Okay and let ‘s just sit with that. Let is soak in. Let it confirm the greatest fears of your racist conservative uncle. Doesn ‘t that feel nice?

To get a better idea of why this is so monumental (a phrase not taken lightly in Washington D.C.) take a look at the Rose Garden throughout history.

This is usually what happens in the Rose Garden. Lots of “oohs ‘ and “is there a bench nearby? ‘via
I wonder if these dudes ever dreamed that 1) there would be a rapper in the Rose Garden performing where they stood, 2) there would be a president that didn ‘t look exactly like them, and 3) they could unbutton their coats. via
This is about as exciting as the Rose Garden gets. via

And now we get to all say we witnessed the Rose Garden where it happens.

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