By: Marco Rubio

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Marco Rubio: “I ‘m Not Dropping Out If I Lose Florida Or Ever”

This is the most important election of our generation, and I love this country too much to see it go down a path that will jeopardize our children ‘s future. There is much too much at stake to let petty things like “self-respect ‘ or “laws ‘ keep me from standing up for what I believe in. Which is why, no matter what happens tonight in Florida or in the general election on November 8th, rest assured, I will not drop out of this race.

Because you never know what might happen: front-runners falter, elected presidents resign, lines of succession get completely wiped out by mysterious plagues, and if, and when this happens, what ‘s left of the American people will look to a leader who stuck it out, who remained true to his convictions and who somehow, along with everyone he cared about, miraculously survived the horrific flesh-eating virus which undoubtedly will kill thousands per day not able to afford the vaccine developed by Koch industries.

I humbly believe that leader, that survivor, will be me.

And let me be perfectly clear: There is still time to avoid political and biological catastrophe. If we all get behind a single candidate NOW who shares our values, and who possesses the only non-mutated strain of the killer virus that will go on to be named the Trump virus because it will first become airborne at his inauguration, we can make this a New American Century, instead of a century where half the world ‘s population watches their own skin boil away in front of their eyes.

No choice is ever easy, but let ‘s choose the higher ground over Trump ‘s divisive rhetoric. Let ‘s save ourselves eight more years of a do-nothing president, a partisan congress, and millions upon millions of rotting bodies ‘ men, women and children ‘ piled up in the streets, decaying while our freedom decays along with them. Did I mention there will be lots and lots pain involved too?

God bless you and God bless America.

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