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13 Things To Expect In The Just Announced ‘Indiana Jones’ Sequel

Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford have confirmed that Indiana Jones is back for yet another adventure. What will Indy be up against this time around?

Every single snake is played by Andy Serkis

Kevin Hart as Short Round

Harrison Ford ‘s classic “It ‘s a paycheck! ‘ look to camera

Indy walks around the university ‘s gym locker room naked a lot for no reason

“We named the hoverboard Indiana! ‘

Dr. Jones returns to the Temple of Doom for the annual Purim party

CGI Whip

“It belongs on Wikipedia! ‘

Harrison Ford ‘s earring gets a producer credit

Short Round using the “hokey dokey ‘ Facebook reaction button

Shia LaBeouf and Harrison Ford kissing on the mouth

A re-creation of the bi-plane scene where Indy says “Fly? Yes. Land? No. ‘ But this time he winks and holds up a newspaper with the article about the time Harrison Ford crashed his plane. Roll credits.

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