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5 Videos That Went Viral AF This Week

This week ‘s hottest viral videos are just around the corner.

Please, Bear With Us

We don ‘t always post prank videos, but when we do, we post one ‘s where construction workers dress up as a bear just to spook their friends as a goof.

See You At The Cross Streets

Mylo the Cat does it again with this mashup of Cleveland ‘s best rappers and Sesame Street ‘s top felt performers.

Nohemian Rhapsody

The best part of every kid song is always the bridge. For those who don ‘t know, the bridge is the part of the song where you stop singing to yell at your mom and dad insisting that they not sing along.


Watch as a news crew surveys the damage post-tornado, only to find a dog who seems to be doing the same from the comfort of a lawnmower.

Scared Little Doggy

Bentley has figured out his owed his own unique way of conquering his fear of cables and ladders. And though his methods may be a little backwards, it seems to be working.

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