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Drunk Day 2016 Article #3: I Drew People’s First Kisses

I asked everyone their first kiss and some details about it and drew them! (I ‘m sorry I didn ‘t edit the scanned drawings or crop them or anything. I lost steam on this one.)
I think first kisses are fun because the person who you shared it with is honestly so unimportant because all you ‘re thinking is like i have this get this thing over with.

i got so tired and these came in later than the others, which isn ‘t any one ‘s fault. i honestly wasn ‘t clear about my timeline. i dind ‘t vocalize like SEND ME YOUR KISS INFO NOW because i am finishing up! i just quietly decided i was cutting off the entries. also our art director, Nate Maggio had a kiss named Katy Ireland which we thought was sweet because St PAtrick ‘s Day.

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