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Drunk Day 2016 Article #8: 23 Drunk Opinions I’m Dealing With Right Now

When I drink I tend to think about some things. Here are 23 of those things.

  1. There ‘s Just Too Much Netflix
  2. I ‘ve About Had It Up To Here With Donald Trump
  3. Yes, Tacos Are Technically A Sandwich
  4. It ‘s Fucking Stupid That March Madness Extends Into April
  5. Ariana Grande Is Probably The Best Young Singer Out There
  6. Cauliflower Is The Best Vegetable
  7. Weed Is Way Better Than Alcohol
  8. You Should Be Able To Get Drunk From Oreos Somehow
  9. No More Neil DeGrasse Tyson ‘ At Least For A Little While
  10. I Shouldn ‘t Have Agreed To Do 23 Of These
  11. As A Nation We ‘re Too Concerned With Spoiler Alerts
  12. Members Of The Goo Goo Dolls And Foo Fighters Should Form A Super Group Called The Goo Fighters
  13. It ‘s Weird That Larry David And Darryl Hammond Play Such Prominent Roles On SNL This Season
  14. Sorry But The Number 69 Will Always Be Funny
  15. It ‘s Pronounced GIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. People Forget, But That First Hangover Movie Was Really Funny
  17. Survivor Is The Best Show On TV Right Now (Except Maybe The Simpsons, Which Is What I Call The People Vs. OJ Simpson)
  18. People Who Wear Sunglasses Indoors Are Cool And Everyone Needs To Know That
  19. I Think Beyonc ‘ Is Great, But That Doesn ‘t Mean She ‘s Not Overrated
  20. Dunks Are Better Than Three Pointers
  21. You Should Be Allowed To Drink At Whatever Age Your Mommy Says Is OK
  22. Mandy Moore Deserves To Be Even More Famous Than She Already Is
  23. I ‘d Pay More In Taxes If It Meant Free Haircuts For Everyone

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