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Drunk Day Article #15: Should I Buy Dashboard Confessional Tickets? Yes.

Listen, if I ‘m being honest, I love Dashboard Confessional.

It ‘s tough to admit but it ‘s the truth.

HANDS DOWN, this is one of those bands that defines a generation. Even if you hate him, THAT defines you. Even if you never heard this song, THAT makes you SOMETHING. At least where I grew up.

Anyway, me and my girlfriend Ashley both have very similar feelings about Dashboard and just a week or two ago a tour was announced with both Dashbpard and Taking Back Sunday, two bands that defined a very specific type of suburban ‘midwestern like me and, west coast-wise Ashley ‘ suburban in the early 2000 ‘s. It ‘s a label that I have avoided for multiple decades now but I think it ‘s finally time to own up to it.

I like Dashboard and Taking Back Sunday and Braid and American Football and every other ego band that I personally like.

Anyway, this all leads me to the question: Should Ashley and I buy Dashboard Confessional concert tickets for a place in Long Island this summer?

I know what you ‘re saying: who cares? If you want to buy tickets just buy it. I HEAR you.

BUT ALSO, I ‘m buying tickets to Long Island to go see an outdoor Dashboard Confessional show. It ‘s weird that this dude, Chris Carrabba, has made it so that I ‘m walking on the tight rope of lameness buying tickets to a show that I would love 75% of the songs at but the other 25% are very lame. That;s kind of the modern music fan ‘s dil;emma in a nutshell though if I ‘m being honest.

Welp, bad news: I bought the Dashboard tickets. I got a text from my girlfriend and she said just do it and stop being an asshole so I just did it because I ‘m easily manipulated by that woman.

I can ‘t tell you how excited I am to listen, sing along to, and ABSORB all that is Dashboard Confessional at Jones Beach in New York ‘s Long Island district. Please pray for me.

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