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Top Content On The Internet This Week

You worked hard all week. Why don ‘t you treat yourself to seven days worth of the absolute best content on the internet?

Oh, that ‘s funny. These are all from Funny Or Die. Must be a coincidence.

21 Best GIFs Of All Time Of The Week

If you love GIFs, then prepare to fall in love 21 times in a row.

March Madness Bracket: What Is The Best Sport?

This week, Funny or Die created an interactive bracket to help users vote on the best sport of all time. If you want Ultimate Frisbee to beat Speed Skating, you better vote, too!

Funny Or Die ‘s Drunk Writing Day 2016

In honor of Ireland ‘s patron saint, Funny Or Die ‘s New York office spent St. Patrick ‘s Day drinking beer and publishing a days-worth of drunk content. The debauchery was documented for historic preservation.

Leprechauns Try Lucky Charms For The First Time

Top Content this week was magically delicious as genuine Irish leprechauns tried Lucky Charms for the first time.

FOD Presents: Leprechauns Try Lucky Charms For The First Time

FOD Feel Goods: Elephant March Madness Bracket

This ones for fans of basketball dunks and elephant trunks. Check out this elephant who filled out a full March Madness bracket.

FOD Feel Goods: Elephant March Madness Bracket

Obama Freestyling In The Rose Garden Is A Real Thing That Happened

On Tuesday, Lin Manuel-Miranda freestyle rapped with a little help from President Obama. Watch as Obama refuses to let Lin ‘s hand go.

Sam Bee Bravely Sits Down With Trump Supporters And Then Throws Them A Party

Samantha Bee sat down with Trump supporters and, rather than condemn them, she threw them a party! Because she ‘s here to make America great again.

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