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Best Late Night Of The Morning: Jimmy Kimmel Hires DJ Khaled To Be His Snapchat Coach

For young people, there ‘s not that much to ‘get ‘ about Snapchat. It ‘s pretty self-explanatory as far as apps go, but for Jimmy Kimbel AKA Kimmel (we, like DJ Khaled, like to say both), who, when asked at the beginning of this segment if he has a Snapchat, responds, ‘I don ‘t know, ‘ there ‘s apparently a lot to learn.

That ‘s why Kimmel brought in the best ‘ and we know DJ Khaled ‘s the best cuz his jacket straight-up says it ‘ to teach him how to snap. As a bonus, some extra lessons come for free with Khaled ‘s major key app tutorial, including how to moisturize and how to talk about sneakers.

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