By: RobLeDonne

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New iPhone Features

Apple announced an updated version of the iPhone today. Here are some new features to look forward to.

  • Ultra-high resolution camera designed specifically for dick pics.
  • Additional bottom facing camera for dick pics.
  • High intensity flash designed to evenly illuminate your dick.
  • Secondary flash designed for balls.
  • Separate designated folder for dick pics.
  • New photo editing application that enables you tweak the size/girth/color of your dick.
  • Easier access to dick pic applications like Snapchat and iMessage.
  • Specially curated Apple Music playlists for dick pic photoshoots.
  • Enhanced Voice Memo application, designed specifically to pick up sound-waves of your dick.
  • Weather application now includes temperature of your dick.
  • Notes application outfitted with special graph for logging the size of your dick on different days.
  • Siri now loaded with hundreds of dick pic-taking tips.
  • Apple Maps now pinpoints exact location of your dick.
  • Two words: dick Emojis.
  • Longer battery life.

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