By: Laura Holliday

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Borrowing Clothes From Your Childish Roommate

Borrowing an outfit from your roommate becomes a lot more difficult when your tastes in fashion clash. Especially when you have a childish roommate.

Written by Laura Holliday and Ellen Jacobs
Produced by Laura Holliday
Producer: Caige Coulter
Co-Producer: Mike Shafia
AD: Malcolm Duncan
DP: Walter Diaz
Gaffer: Kai Krause
AC: Marz Miller
Grip: Alex Ibarra
Production Design: Kristen Alfenito
Sound Recordist: Craig Littleton
Script Supervisor: Ellen Jacobs
Editor: Addie Liang
Colorist: Walter Diaz
Opening Title Design/Animation: Geoff Gossett
Title Photography: Lincoln Smith
Sound Mixer: Alex Verbitsky
Claire:Caige Caoimhe Coulter
Becca:Laura Holliday

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