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Ben Affleck Takes On Ben Affleck In This Can’t Miss ‘Batman V Superman’ Trailer Remix

How much Affleck is too much Affleck? Let ‘s answer that question in two parts. First, there can never be too much Affleck. And second, HOW DARE YOU!?

In his remixed trailer for Batman v Super: Dawn of Justice, Todd Spence combines footage of this month ‘s blockbuster film with more, but different, footage from 2006 ‘s Hollywoodland, in which Affleck starred as one of the original Super Men, George Reeves. And while we haven ‘t seen Batman v Superman yet, we are willing to say that Affleck v Affleck is the superior experience ‘ for two reasons. First, it ‘s about 2.5 hours shorter. And second, it costs about $15 less to watch.

We only wish that it was called Affleck v Affleck v Affleck v Affleck v Affleck: Goes on Forever.

via Todd Spence, h/t The A.V. Club

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