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Top Content On The Internet This Week

For a lot of people, The Bible is considered some of the top content of all time. There ‘s murder, intrigue, crucifixions ‘ the good stuff! So, if your Good Friday is a little too good and you need a break, here ‘s some of the Top Content On The Internet This Week. If you ‘re not celebrating Good Friday, view this as a chance to get a leg up on all your Catholic friends, going around being good or whatever it is they do on Good Friday. And what a coincidence: just like all of The Bible comes from various disciples of the Catholic empire, all this content comes from various disciples in the Funny Or Die empire!

What ‘s So Scary About Common Core?

While you may be preparing your kindergartener for the worst, common core isn ‘t as scaryas you may think.

What’s So Scary About Common Core?

21 Things Only Kids Who Went To Church In The ’90s Understand

A nice little throwback to church-going of the nineties. Remember that time Jesus turned water into Crystal Pepsi?

5 Videos That Went Viral AF This Week

This just in: the traditional ‘animals/babies + funny situations=Viral AF ‘ theorem has been shot down by the new theorem: ‘magic/sports/over-explaining=Viral AF. ‘

10 Simple Pleasures In Life That Are Actually The Most Rewarding

It ‘s the little things, like nice summer days and unmarked checks, that make the world go ’round.

Borrowing Clothes From Your Childish Roommate

A grown adult borrows clothes from her child roommate and gets a taste of the real world. Because why don ‘t they make sailor dresses and tutus in grown-up sizes?

Borrowing Clothes From Your Childish Roommate

How To Ask Your Priest If You Can Go On Birth Control

But Father, please?!

21 Best Pics Of All Time Of The Week

Everyone in these pictures are either really smart, really stressful, really oblivious, or really an animal.

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