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Masked Musician Turns Your Fave Weird Vids Into Weirder Funky Art

Here is what we know about Mono Neon:

  • He is a musician.
    He has a penchant for the neon green.
  • He ‘s taken your favorite internet video or least favorite political speech and turned it into something truly bizarre and wonderfully funky.

Alright, we know a little bit more. His name is Dywane Thomas Jr, he ‘s from Memphis, TN, and has played music with Prince (or the artist formerly known as such.) But surprisingly enough, making art with Prince isn ‘t the weirdest stuff he ‘s done. Check out these vids.

Sarah Palin ‘s Nonsense Trump Speech

Angry Grandpa Is Now A Funky Grandpa

Patti LaBelle ‘s Sweet Potato Pie Got A Little Bit Tangy

Apollos Hester Is Extra Jazzed About His Win

Apparently Kid Sounds Apparently Even More Funky

This Dog Can Talk And Mono Neon Can Play

David ‘s Groovier Trip To The Dentist

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