By: Paul Hennessy

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11.08.16 (11.22.63 parody)

In a desolate future destroyed by war, one man must go back in time to stop the election of Donald Trump. But the past has a way of pushing back and building giant walls to keep you out… Be sure to tune in for Hulu's next show “The Election Path,” which follows a cult, otherwise known as Hillary Clinton supporters! WATCH IN HD! I own nothing and have no ties to any political party. Created by Tim Hitpas and Paul Hennessy Edited by Paul Hennessy Starring: Paul Hennessy, Chris Osterndorf, Blair Allison, Sam Tank, Paul Rowe, Lisa Mihelich, Tim Hitpas, and Donald Trump Cinematography additional support: Amanda Pflieger Special Thanks: Josh “Buffalo” Golden

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