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Best Late Night Of The Morning: James Corden And J.Lo Pull Over To Text Leonardo DiCaprio

Why do we all love these Carpool Karaoke segments so much? Is it the fun, recognizable pop songs? Maybe. Is it power of James Corden ‘s British charm? Not outside of the realm of possibility. Could it be that we just like seeing our favorite stars wear seat belts? That one seems like more of a stretch.

Perhaps it ‘s because famous people tend to know even more famous people. And sometimes, like in today ‘s video, Corden will grab their phone and text someone like, I don ‘t know, Leonardo DiCaprio to say what ‘s up and he ‘ll text back being all like “what ‘s going down, boo boo? ‘ and then you ‘re like “WHAAAAT?”and then you show it to your friends and they ‘re like “WHHAAAAAATTTT? ‘ and then you all go get frozen yogurt.

Although, maybe it IS the seatbelt thing.

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