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Top Content On The Internet This Week

Now that you ‘ve got all your April Fools out of your system, you ‘re probably feeling depleted, exhausted, empty. Well, you know what fills up that hole in your joke bone? Content. And you know what really tops it off? TOP Content! Dang, your joke bone is going to be crammed full of content ‘ And even better ‘ all the top stuff this week is from the website ‘Funny Or Die!”

#1 Trump Supporter Goes To Arizona Trump Rally

Vlogger Mark Seevers investigates a Trump rally and builds a bigger wall at the Mexican border. I thought Mexico was supposed to pay for it?

#1 Trump Supporter Goes To Arizona Trump Rally

21 Best GIFs Of All Time Of The Week

Gimme dem GIFs! Gimme dem GIFs! Gimme dem GIFs!

Op-Ed: North Carolina Has Anti-Trans Bathroom Law But Public Urination Is OK? Let ‘s All Pee In The Streets!

This author really really researched the facts and really really shouldn ‘t be trusted but really really makes a good point.

5 Videos That Went Viral AF This Week

Some of these videos are quiet, some of these videos are loud. But all of these videos are videos, and all of these videos are viral.

North Carolina ‘s Anti-Gay Tourism Commercial

A tourism ad reveals the real truth about North Carolina. They don ‘t call it the Tar Heel state for nothing.

North Carolina’s Anti-Gay Tourism Commercial

23 Tweets About Dads We ‘re Gonna Need You To Read By The End Of The Day

Or, just try to read them by Father ‘s Day

Suicide Squad: The B Team

The Suicide Squad B-Team is here to save the world. Because Harley Quinn has nothing on Mrs. Doubtfire.

Suicide Squad: The B Team

Pope Francis Texts Jesus Asking Him How Long He ‘ll Be Crashing With Him

G-d D-amn it, this guy is persistent!

Business Work: Headphones

A businessman rocks out at the office. Answering the age old question- are you actually listening to music, or are you just wearing headphones so no one will bother you?

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