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Kim Jong-un Has A Perfect March Madness Bracket

As it is known throughout the land, basketball is the number one sport. It is pure and simple and beautiful. Many men in shorts run from one end of the court to the other end with a single goal in mind: put the bumpy ball into the swooshy hoop.
It is true, as well, that Dear Leader Kim Jong-un is the perfect basketball fan. He is so perfect in fact he has created a perfect bracket for American College Basketball.

Behold the absolute and flawless March Basketball Family Tree created by smart and athletic Kim Jong-un.

Perhaps you doubt. Perhaps you wonder if this is real than why are the games that have yet to be played covered by the supreme seal of North Korea. You are weak from your doubt, but I will explain.

Kim Jong-un loves basketball so much that he has correctly guessed the winner of March basketball for American colleges, but does not want to ruin the surprise for his good friend and basketball superstar Dennis Rodman. So he has placed seal on top of correct guesses so that the game remains spontaneous and fun, just like basketball forefathers would have wanted.

Rejoice in his correctness. Rejoice in basketball. Rejoice in Kim Jong-un.

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