By: Kim Jong-un

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My Body Is The Best Body

My body is perfect. Look at how perfect below.

I am so strong. Look at muscles. Look at how chest has ripples like pond.
I have perfect body, look how perfect. These are not shop photos, these are real pictures of my body.
This is me as a baby – I was already so strong. One hand push up, I would do thousands every day.
I am so ripply with muscles. This is real photo of me with shirt off. This is not photo of child bodybuilder.
Another photo of my muscles. I have mean face on, too. This is not a child bodybuilder and his little brother. That is my boy servant, Pogo.
Different angle of muscles that are definitely mine and not muscles of child.

Now you all know how strong I am, how much power I have in my body. There nothing funny about this – I just want to show you because I am proud.

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