By: Kim Jong-un

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Cool Bombs By Kim Jong-un

These are all cool bombs I want and so will have.

Classic black bomb. So cool. I like image of radiation. Would be good tattoo for my testicles because they are so powerful and dangerous.
Like bomb in movie. So cool. I would tape one of these to old mentor I ‘m tired of listening blabber.
I don ‘t like that woman touching bomb, but otherwise I like seeing so many bombs in one room. I want room like that. I will have room like that.
This classic bowling ball bomb. Would be fun to light and throw at crowd of ex-girlfriends I don ‘t want to see happy without me.
Another take on classic movie bomb but with kitchen timer I think. Not positive – I ‘ve never been in a kitchen in my whole life.
Oooh baby. Imagine me pushing button to fire that one. South Korea be like, ‘cool bomb, ‘ then be like, ‘Oh noooo! ‘
This perhaps a tiny bomb for rats. I still like it.
Tiny bomb for tiny planes? Now we are talking! I would fly those into so many houses of people I don ‘t care about.
You think that just a letter ‘F ‘? Sorry, it actually bomb – BOOM! Clever to make letter a bomb.
This one just seems like a fun thing to prank people with.
Big, big, bomb. I want to sleep inside that bomb it so big.
This feels like more of a fun weekend bomb. I like use of paper towel. Dennis Rodman and I would have fun with these bombs.

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