By: Tegan and Sara

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Tegan And Sara’s Haircut History

Indie musicians Tegan and Sara discuss their trendsetting haircut history as they try to work out what their next look will be. Their new album, Love You To Death, is available June 3rd with the first single, “Boyfriend,” releasing April 8th.

Talent: Tegan and Sara
Writer/Director: Lauren Palmigiano
Producer: Eleanor Winkler
DP: Jonathan Nicholas
Editor: Kevin Mead
Production Designer: Sara Higley
Coordinator: Jasmin Guzman
1AC: Erin Olesen
Gaffer: Nathan Carbello
Key Grip: Matt Toledo
HMU: Rachel Kooyman and Laura Morton
Graphics: Shawn James
PA: Edgar Castillo and Alec Khan
Special thanks: Piers Henwood

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