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OK, you did it, you found The Panama Papers. Here they are, all those papers. We ‘ll be honest, the first time we read through it we were a little confused. So, below are some articles that will help make sense of the whole thing, piece by piece. And would you look at that: Each piece is an article from Funny Or Die!

Taking The Stairs Like A Pro

So, there are these papers, right? And they ‘re sort of like taking stairs.

Taking The Stairs Like A Pro [Infomercial Parody]

5 Videos That Went Viral AF This Week

And somebody found them and the information went viral.

Finnish News Team Takes On #FreeTheNipple

I mean viral, like the #FreeTheNipple campaign.

Finnish News Team Takes On #FreeTheNipple

15 Babies That DGAF That A Famous Person Is Holding Them

And it turns out, a whole lot of famous people got wrapped up into the mess.

Tegan And Sara ‘s Haircut History

No, Tegan and Sara weren ‘t named in the papers.

Tegan And Sara’s Haircut History

Following The Panama Papers Leak, I Hereby Resign From Being Jackie Chan

But Jackie Chan was 🙁

21 Best GIFs Of All Time Of The Week

21 Best GIFs are back! Check out the fails and wins of this week!

Mississippi Anti-Gay Tourism Video

Taking a look at their proud heritage and culture, this video will show you the greatness that is Mississippi!

Mississippi Anti-Gay Tourism Video

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