By: Laura Holliday

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GOP Date: The Dating App For Discriminating Republicans

Having trouble finding that special conservative in your life? GOP Date helps you navigate the turbulent waters of the Republican party and find a right wing love that shares your views on immigrants, homosexuals, and offshore bank accounts.

Talent – Patrick Finnerty, Ryan Stanger, Jessie Sherman, JJ Dunlap, Vanessa Wolf, Jon Millstein, Francis Corby, Tia Barr
Featured – Marquis Malloy, Edgar Castillo
Background – Bryan Madole, William Maxwell, Alan McLeod
Director/Writer – Laura Holliday
Producer – Libby de Leon
1st AD – Ross Buran
DP – Matt Sweeney
1st AC – Michael Lincoln
2nd AC – Chris Marius Jones
Key Grip – Chad Carlstone
Gaffer – Zach Zeidman
Swing – Court Soto
Production Designer- Heather Droulliard
Art Assistant – Justine Smith
Sound – Mike Robertson
PA – Jessica Dancer
Editor – Marty Cramer
Graphics – Shawn James

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