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Scandal In The Making? Hillary Clinton Carrying Ikea Bag With Question Mark On It

Fair or not, Hillary Clinton has been dogged with scandals. Be it her State Department emails, Benghazi, or her Goldman Sachs speeches, voters still have many questions that lack answers.

And now, with nearly no regard with how it might be perceived, Hillary Clinton is traveling everywhere with a bag from Ikea brandishing a big question mark on it. And she seems to have no intention of telling anyone why she ‘s carrying it or what ‘s in it.

What ‘s in the bag, Hillary?

Honestly, this looks bad. Hauling a full 19 gallon blue bag to every forum, speech and campaign event is bound to raise a few eyebrows. And the question mark posted on the bag isn ‘t making it any less intriguing ‘ actually, it ‘s calling attention to the fact that the public lacks any information about what ‘s in the bag. And that ‘s the last thing that a politician with trust issues needs.

Just look at what people are saying on Twitter:

The questions go on and on.

Whatever is in that bag, Hillary doesn ‘t want us to know.

The Clinton campaign ‘s official response is that Hillary is breaking no laws by carrying a mystery sack around, and that none of the other candidates are being held to the same high standards that she is. But it ‘s only so long that she can dodge inquiries into what she ‘s transporting, and the public is already starting to make up it ‘s mind:

The public weighs in on what they think is in Hillary ‘s mystery bag.

Hillary and the bag have been seen together at numerous public speaking events.

The same bag or a new bag tailored to the event?

We ‘ve seen this before from Clinton. It took years for all her State Department emails to be reviewed, and she still hasn ‘t revealed the transcripts to her speeches to Goldman Sachs. If she wanted to, at the next debate she could empty the durable plastic bag one item at a time, or just change the label from a question mark to a description of its contents. But like so many times in the past, it looks like she ‘s going to let this scandal drag on and on, until she ‘s called to testify in front of Congress, or accidentally drops the bag and everything spills out of it.

Hillary ‘s mystery bag was there from the beginning. We just didn ‘t realize it yet.

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