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New Interactive Series ‘Charlie Gets Fired’ Is A Cartoon About Whatever You Want It To Be

Do you suffer from a rare brain condition that makes you say random words in the middle of normal sentences? OK, do you know someone who does? Fine, do you WISH you knew someone does? Still? Alright, what if I told you there was a new animated series where the main character suffers from said disorder and you ‘re the one who gets to control which random words he says, thus carrying his entire fate in the palm of your tiny little internet hand? Well then you ‘re in luck, because the new animated Charlie Gets Fired is basically that.

From Or & Tom, the creators of an insanely popular meme-themed music video, comes the first ever completely interactive animated series. Now you can finally control the misfortunes of others!

In the first episode, “Charlie Pitches A Pilot, ‘ young Charlie attempts to sell a TV show to a bunch of executives that is either about a tooth or stapler, or maybe it ‘s about Jay Z fucking a cactus? Really, it ‘s up to you, which, if you think about it, is way better than Breaking Bad, or even Frozen for that matter.

Charlie Gets Fired is the first interactive series to debut on Eko, a new platform for interactive entertainment, which apparently means the future is now. And no, you can ‘t decide to go back, so just click play and leap forward into the great unknown.

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