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13 Horses So Stunningly Beautiful We Forgot This Post Was Going To Be About How “Crazy” Jared Leto Is In ‘Suicide Squad’

It feels like lately every time I open up the newspages on my computer or smartphone to read about entertainment it ‘s always some story about how Suicide Squad ‘s Jared Leto is doing crazy things to really get into the character of The Joker, like that ‘s something we should all be enthusiastically celebrating.

It also feels like I ‘ve been reading this for months now. When does the Suicide Squad movie finally come out, and why have I been reading about it for what feels like all of President Obama ‘s second term as POTUS?

The only Suicide Squad that I ‘d like to be reading about and seeing pictures of is beautiful horses, but I also hope no beautiful horses ever commit suicide.

Beautiful horses are all different colors but they are still (beautiful) friends. #SquadGoals

I could look at pictures of horses all day but one more article about Jared Leto sending his cast mates sex toys or something because that ‘s how wacky this character has made him and I will scream.

What ‘s even more stunning than these beautiful horses themselves is that all these photos are free stock photos.

They don ‘t even require any attribution which is kind of a B.S. thing that a lot of stock photo websites ask you for. Like, it ‘s not really free then? Because you ‘re paying by writing an attribution, kinda.

There ‘s even a whole subset of totally free close-up photos of beautiful horses ‘ eyes.

What do you think this beautiful horse is thinking about?

This is a horse with a transparent background, so you can use it in Photoshop or on your Angelfire page that has a pretty background very easily.

This horse is GLOWING. Where are the thousands of articles about this horse ‘s starry hide? Why aren ‘t E! Online and Cinemablend talking about this?

Instead we have to look at this all the time??? TRIGGER WARNING: NOT A BEAUTIFUL HORSE

Look at that smooth trot!!!

Goodbye, sweet horses. I wish that you could stay and that the Jared Leto acting NUTS news would go away, but horses are wild creatures that need freedom, and entertainment news would suffer without my human ears and eyes to be constantly subjected to it.

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