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Japanese Meme Proves Once And For All That Babies’ Chubby Arms Look Like Bread

Lil ‘ chubby-chub-chub babies are so cute! Their fatty arms and legs just look like marshmallows! Er, no, they look like cotton candy. Wait, no, you know what they look like? Pull-apart bread from the Japanese 7-11! Also, by the way, 7-11s in Japan are so nice! You can buy whole meals there! I bought a hard-boiled egg in one of them and loved it and it didn ‘t make me sick! Japanese 7-11s make USA 7-11s look BAD. These babies, though? They look so delicious ‘ I mean, good!!! And also like bread!

Check out some highlights from the hashtag #????????????? which Buzzfeed translates as #MyBaby ‘sGotTheBestBreadPhoto.

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