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High Article #2: The Best Dancing Vines: Get On Board, They’re Fun!!!

Welcome everyone to the defeNATEive list of dance Vines that are charming and/or cool. No matter the sobriety we all currently poses, everyone can appreciate good dancing. Get on board, these are fun!

That silly walk dance move. So funny!

I want to be in this #squad. Don ‘t love the mustache thing ‘ but that ultra dab follow up really lands this plane. And what a ride! So cool!

You playin! What a goof ball. So funny!

Haha, they went wild when the meme dropped. I would have to. So cool. So funny!

I mean. WOW. These teens are seriously killing it. A charming level of ten out of ten. I would love to be taught this. So cool!

Why is this. Where is this. How is this.
But most of all ‘ good for them. They are following their truth. RESPECT.

GET. ON. BOARD. WITH. THIS. VINE.I have watched this vine ~110 times. No exaggeration. I can ‘t stop laughing. I love Shrek no! What a comeback! So funny!

I sincerely hope this isn ‘t racist. It does make me laugh. So funny!

Meme history. I hope you didn ‘t need to get on board and already prayed to this vine every night before sleep. So funny!

Good luck not watching this over and over looping repeating. So funny!

She reminds me of Jenny. Who is so funny. So is Mackenzie. So funny!

Another meme classic. Don ‘t mess with history. So funny!

I hope Kdot has seen this. He ‘d be so proud. So funny!

A double feature! Not the two performers ‘ I am talking about how this is cool AND funny. I think the strobe effect is cool. I think the face she is making is so funny. So funny!

I do not like that Eminem said the fag line. I really fucking hate when he says that shit. He is smarter than that. Maybe one of the best lyricists on all time! He knows better.That being said ‘ cutting to the white kid with the super sonic talk is great. So funny!

This is me! Total me on the roof. So funny!

I feel very honored to know John. Little Leg Kicks 4 Life. So funny!


This is how I end this. With a dancing NIGHTMARE. Everything that drives me wild about this vine:

  • That clown american mask!!! Woooooof. So crazy.
  • Is that a gold painted Obama mask? WHAT!!!!
  • Y'all see that hand on the pinky right?
  • Oh good, they have guns too.
  • I mean I bet the guns are plastic ‘ but still, man. Intense. Lets keep it to dancing.
  • Clear umbrella in the back shout out!
  • How can I make sure I never buy tickets to this.
  • is this a coachella
  • hella smokey out there, huh? I bet they ‘re BBQing ribs.
  • hahaha, is dude drinking coffee ?
  • So funny!

Holy hell that took a long time to make. I ‘m exhausted. Gonna go get a smoothy.

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