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High Article #1: 10 Best Music Videos I Could Think Of In 10 Minutes List

I ‘m going to start the timer at 10 mins and try to make a top 10 music videos of all time list. I can only go on youtube (no googling other top ## lists, etc.), just all off the top of the dome. Also, I have to name 10, not having 10 music videos listed and linked by the end of the 10 minutes is the only way I can lose.

321 go!

“Subterranean Homesick Blues ‘ Bob Dylan
I thought of this first I think becasue it ‘s like the oldest music video ever or something. I definitely heard that this was the oldest music video of all time from SOMEONE.

“Hot Knife ‘ Fiona Apple
This might be the only one that actually belongs on a top 10 list. It ‘s so beautiful.

“Everlong ‘ Foo Fighters
This might be the funniest video ever maybe?

“Hate Me ‘ Blue October
For this one I was really drawing a blank. I couldn ‘t even think of a song name and then somehow this video popped into my head. It ‘s definitely not one of the best videos of all time, I think even Blue October would admit that. I like it though.

“All the small things ‘ Blink 182
Good Spoof.

“Hypnotize ‘ Notorious B.I.G.
I love the structure of this baby. There ‘s a storyline that they ‘re involved in and they ‘re also rapping to the camera.

“What ‘s Up Fat Lip ‘ FatLip
I wish the quality was better on this one. I like this song a lot.

“Iris ‘ The Goo Goo Dolls
I ‘ve had Iris on the brain for the last couple weeks. But, really, I ‘ve got Iris on the brain 24/7 for 15-20 years now.

“Sweetness ‘ Jimmy Eat World
This is a good-ass song.

“Losing You ‘ Solange
A fantastic video to end the list!

Time ‘s Up!

First of all, it was very difficult to think of 10 music videos in 10 minutes. I guess I was trying to make sure the ones I thought of were as good as possible, but I didn ‘t really end up anywhere close to the 10 best music videos of all time. This is NOT a 10 best music videos of all time list! It is the 10 best music videos I could think if in 10 minutes list. So these are them. I hope you agree with all my picks! Now I ‘m going to watch them all instead of freaking out wondering why I can ‘t remember a single music video I ‘ve seen in my life.

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