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High Article #8: Home Run, Touchdown, Last Second Three. What Is The Best Sports Experience?

There ‘s nothing better than winning a competition dramatically. It taps into the most primal pleasure center this side of like sex and stuff. And winning The Championship? Forget about it! It ‘s the best!
There ‘s so many ways to win The Championship in Dramatic Fashion.In the Basketball Way, the Football Way, or the Baseball Way. But which is best?

Which would you rather experience and why?
1 Catching a touchdown pass to win the Super Bowl as time expires.
2 Hitting a home run in the bottom of the ninth inning to win the world series.
3 Making a 3 pointer at the buzzer to win game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Here is what THEY ALL felt:

Kady Ruth Ashcraft:
‘Football. I think catching a touchdown pass is like the ultimate achievement of sports glory because it needed the perfection of two people matching in speed, accuracy, and timing to work together. ‘

Jesse Neil:
‘I ‘m going with home run in the World Series. Something about having that entire trip around the bases to celebrate seems really fun. ‘

Jenny Nelson:
3-pointer! I was gonna say home run but the buzzer sound is really more grand.

Langan Kingsley:
‘football cuz I wanna show the NFL once and for all WOMEN CAN DO FOOTBALL JUST AS GOOD AS THE BOYS ‘

Jason Flowers:
‘I ‘m gonna throw a wrench into the mix and say having your hand raised after being declared the winner in a Heavyweight Championship boxing match. I mean they call out your frickin name right there, center-ring and then give you a cool belt to wear. ‘

Dan Abramson:
Homerun. You ‘re on your own. As much as I love the idea of winning as a team, you get all the glory if you ‘re the one who hits the homer. It ‘s just you up there. Joe Carter won the world series with a homerun. The Blue Jays merely benefitted.

Ben Wietmarschen (me.):Home Run. Having 10-15 seconds by yourself in front of everyone, registering the weight of expectation you just heaved off yourself ‘off the world ‘and into the ether, expelling just a LITLE BIT of weight from your existence. You hover inches above the Earth and home into your team ‘s exhilarating embrace.

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