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Top Content On The Internet This Week

4/20 was probably fun and all, but with all that tobacco haze in the air, you probably slacked on your internet for the week. Well, you missed some good stuff, and we don ‘t want your tobacco consumption to get in your way, so here ‘s all the Top Content On The Internet This Week That You Missed While Smoking Weedbacco. And holy 4/20, it ‘s all from Funny Or Die!

iPhone Commercial: 4/20

This is trippier than those old iPod commercials where people ‘s shadows danced on their graves ‘ wait that ‘s what those were, right?

iPhone Commercial: 4/20

Here ‘s All The Vines That Don ‘t Suck This Week

These vines don ‘t suck but they definitely inhale haha 4:20, inhale it!

Yummy 420: How To Make Magic Brownies

These definitely don ‘t have weed in them. They just taste really good. Yeah. Totally. Please don ‘t narc on us.

Yummy 420: How To Make Magic Brownies

Dads love to ‘

Okay, enough 4/20: A list of things that all Dads love. And we don ‘t mean Dads in a sexual way. We mean biological fathers.

I Ran The Boston Marathon In A Lobster Suit And It Worked: My Father Respects Me Now

Okay, but the father in this one might be ‘Dad ‘ in a sexual way, still not sure after reading it.

High Dad Simulator

A simulation of what it ‘s like smoking with your Dad. And this one ‘s definitely not in a sexual way.

High Dad Simulator

5 Videos That Went Viral AF This Week

Ok, phew, no dads or 4/20 in this one!

11 Dancing GIFs Featuring People Who Are Definitely Someone ‘s Parents

Just some nice GIFs! It ‘s fun to consume content that is unrelated to weed or dads haha! ‘ Oh god, they ‘re all parents. And now there are MOMS, too!!!

Full Agenda For Queen Elizabeth ‘s 90th Birthday Celebration

At this point, you know she is feeding off the souls of the damned to lengthen her life force. She ‘s going to outlive you, Prince Charles and you know it.

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