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You Must Listen To Prince’s Song About Donald Trump

Prince ‘s sudden and all too soon death is an obvious tragedy. He was an ethereal spirit creature sent to earth to enchant us with his musical genius and when listening to his songs, you too, for a moment, were an ethereal spirit creature. (And that ‘s all we want on this giant space rock, right?)

In the wake of his untimely death, however, wonderful memories and stories of the artist are flooding forth. One in particular shouldn ‘t be overlooked, because a human as good and delightfully a bizarre as Prince wrote a song about evil incarnate and it ‘s still SMOOTH as hell. What ‘s it about exactly? Donald Trump . Yes, Prince wrote a song called Donald Trump (Black Version) for the band The Time ‘s album Pandemonium.

And you know what? It ‘s good. Prince had the magical, funkadelic soul-soothing powers to make you want to listen to Donald Trump ‘s name, which is something even the most confident news anchors are unable to do.

Enjoy. Rest In Purple.

h/t Buzzfeed

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