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5 Videos That Went Viral AF This Week

All it took was a little CGI to turn this week ‘s videos into complete nonsense.


Using the magic of computers, Aldo Jones transforms the trailer for Captain American: Civil War into something much, much weirder.

Boy Successfully Climbs Down Stairs

Or does he? HINT: No he does not.

Kid Does Something??

To the tune of ‘Billie Jean ‘ no less.

Dog Is REALLY Bad At The Cup Game

Less surprisingly, this dog is also terrible at Settlers of Catan.

Obama Goes Viral Again

Baracksdubs cleverly edits the President into singing the viral smash hit, ‘Panda.”If things go poorly, this time next year, it will be Donald Trump singing these mashups. Actually, when you say that outloud, it doesn ‘t sound that bad.

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