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Top Content On The Internet This Week

As April slips out of our grasp, it ‘s time to look back on all the fond memories we made on the internet this month. Hmmm, that ‘s weird, all the best stuff this month happened this week! Wait ‘ even weirder ‘it ‘s all from Funny or Die!!!

Voting With Your Vagina

Another option: vote with your dog. Just let your dog vote!

Voting With Your Vagina

5 Videos That Went Viral AF This Week

Like April, these videos ‘ lifespans are short, but sweet.

Gay Of Thrones S6 E1 Recap: The Read Woman

The Show is back! And so are recaps of The Show!

Gay Of Thrones S6 E1 Recap: The Read Woman

We Must Punish The Woman Responsible For Making Jay Z Cheat

Don ‘t just call Becky with the good hair ‘ Find her.

MTV ‘s Daria Was An Asshole And Here ‘s Why

She ‘s also widely beloved by fans and possibly being rebooted, so maybe being an asshole pays off?

Ways To Be Less Approachable

There ‘s a world in which this article applies to me, and unfortunately, this isn ‘t that world.

Ways To Be Less Approachable

Twitter Has Zero Fucks To Give About Piers Morgan ‘s Opinions On Beyonc ‘

When are White men going to learn to stop top talking?

“I Was Told There Were Going To Be More States ‘

As a John Kasich supporter, this was the most disappointing part of the election. And I ‘ve heard Trump speak.

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