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‘The Daily Show’ Proves Donald Trump Deserves To Be A Rap Star

Among several terrifying prospects of who might become president of these United States is Donald J. Trump. But have we considered this ‘ although the dude is for sure unfit for the presidency, there ‘s probably some other jobs he could do just fine, like being a very gaudy rapper with expensive-looking music videos.

Look, The Daily Show made one of those expensive-looking videos starring Black Trump (Roy Wood, Jr.) and Jordan Klepper, and they didn ‘t even need to change any of Trump ‘s words to make it happen! Hopefully Trump sees this and convinces himself it ‘s time for a career change, and then we ‘ll only have a couple very scary candidates left in the race.

Have any questions or doubts that ‘Heidi Klum, sadly, no longer a 10 ‘ is a real Trump quote? The whole thing ‘s annotated on Genius.

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