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This Bath Bomb Meme Proves You Can Just Throw Something In The Tub And Call It Internet

If you are familiar with beauty and self-care in 2016, you probably know what a LUSH bath bomb is. And if you aren ‘t here is a Vine of one.

Before you ‘re all ‘Oh BROTHER I bet there was already a meme about this, ‘ uh, yeah there was, and it was mainly on Tumblr and Twitter, but now there is a second one, and it is on Vine, where memes go to find second homes! It all (re)started with one little (/very huge) watermelon:

And then kinda just went crazy from there. Crank up the faucet and check out some of our favs.

That last one broke the shower, right? Cool, just checking.

h/t Elite Daily

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