By: Jason Flowers

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Top 5 Mother’s Day Sandwiches

Say goodbye to cards and flowers. This year, everybody 's mom just wants a hunk of something between two slices of bread. Here are five tasty sandwiches that are sure to not disappoint the most important woman in your life.

Classic Mom 's Meatloaf Sandwich Served On Top Of An Oven Mitt

This spin on an all-time classic features your mom 's original recipe and other homecooked flavors. As a bonus, having to replace her oven mitt makes for an easy Mother 's Day gift.

Quadruple Chocolate Sandwich On Chocolate-Brownie Rye

The only thing moms love more than sandwiches is chocolate. So when we first got our greasy lips on this chocolate sandwich, we not only knew we had to share this with our mom ASAP, but also figure out how to become a mom so that we could eat this everyday.

All Your Old Mother 's Day Cards Stacked Between Two Blueberry Pancakes

What better way to show your mom you care, then to dig through her memory box and pull out all the old cards she loved enough to keep. And yes, pancakes ARE a sandwich.

Open Face Salt & Pepper Tomato Sandwich With A Side Of Peace And Quiet

Your mom will love this deliciously light treat where the main ingredient is you shutting the fuck up for one goddamn second and just letting her rest her eyes.

Footlong French Dip Sandwich With Homemade Au Jus That Is Actually Just A Phone

Just call your mom, don 't be a jerk.

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