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11 Steps To Making The Most Disliked Movie Trailer On YouTube

The new Ghostbusters trailer recently earned the title of ‘Most disliked trailer in Youtube history, ‘ and now sits as the lone movie trailer in the site ‘s top 100 most disliked videos. Jealous? Wish that you had made a trailer that was dislike by such a large quantity of people? Here ‘s a step-by-step guide to how you can rack up enough downward-pointing thumbs to become the next Most Disliked Trailer in Youtube History.

  1. Take on a beloved property with lots of passionate sci-fi/comedy-loving fans.

  1. Change that property, even a little bit.

  1. Math????? Yuck!

  1. Have women star in roles previously played by men. Make one a woman of color and folks will really be disliking that vid!

  1. Make sure any characters of color appear to be of a lower social class and more stereotypical than all the white people in the trailer, so anyone that was happy about #4 will be as upset as the people who were mad about #4.

  1. Put a wig joke in there. People hate wig jokes because long hair reminds them of women!

  1. Make your trailer really long, as long as the hair on those wigs.

  1. Save the action for the movie; fill the trailer with dry exposition. Say everyone ‘s character name and job kind of slowly.

  1. Lots of misinformation and superfluous facts, enough to make the whole setup for the movie unclear.

  1. Have Sony make your movie. People will be all, ‘Uhhh that ‘s a headphones company, duh!!! Dislike!!!! ‘

  1. Make it so not even the movie ‘s biggest named star is happy with the trailer and she ‘s willing to publicly admit that she ‘s not.

And that ‘s it! Good luck with your trailer-making and hope everyone hates it!

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