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17 Ways To Improve The NBA Playoffs

With the NBA Playoffs in full swing, basketball fans are loving all the hot dunks, sneaky steals, and big-time blocked shots. But what if the NBA Playoffs were ‘ better?

Below is a list of ways that the NBA Playoffs could be improved.

1. Replace Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook with Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson from White Men Can ‘t Jump.

2. Clone LeBron James and give each team one of them.

The Cavs would now have two LeBron Jameses.

3. Rock N ‘ Jock Rules!

Also, they would play by Rock N ‘ Jock rules.

4. Figure out a way to make no-look passes count for more.

5. The lowest-seeded remaining team is allowed to add a basketball-playing dog to their roster.

6. If a fan hits a halfcourt shot at halftime, the points count for the home team.

7. During free throws, a pop-a-shot game is rolled out and you get one minute to score as many points as possible.

8. Deflate the basketballs so that Tom Brady can play.

9. Cover the entire floor in a layer of dry, sticky Dr. Pepper to prevent slipping injuries like the one suffered by Steph Curry.

10. Players have to wear ill-fitting slacks.

Just like the rest of us do at our jobs.

11. Cover the ball in GoPro cameras.

12. Get Ellen to referee the Finals.

We couldn ‘t think of a more fair, sweet and hilarious referee.

13. Each remaining team has to come up with a new nickname for themselves


  • Oklahoma City Seattle Supersonics
  • San Antonio Banderas
  • Golden State Golden Cavs
  • Portland More Like Sportlands
  • Miami – By Will Smiths
  • Toronto Clever Girls
  • Cleveland Drew Carey Shows
  • Atlanta Real Housewives

14. TNT streams 24/7 footage of every second of Charles Barkley ‘s day.

15. Instead of jump balls, have coaches battle it out in a Greco-Roman-style wrestling match for possession.

16. Replace the third quarter of each game with a dunk contest and also replace the second quarter with a screening of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and also replace the first quarter with a cheeseburger.

17. Let Kobe play.

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