By: Nightpantz

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Nightpantz Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter campaign link! Nightpantz is a digital sketch comedy collaborative based in Los-Angeles that successfully strives to give artists opportunities to be seen and heard. We write scripts, turn them into videos, and release them into the world. Our intent is simple: allow anyone with talent and drive to make fun, quality content that can be posted online without waiting for permission from the traditional Hollywood gatekeepers. We hope to serve aspiring actors, filmmakers, and writers around the country by providing them a creative home as soon as they arrive. We want to harness the frustration felt by many independent filmmakers and actors, and give them a chance to flourish. Nightpantz provides a safe, inclusive space to brainstorm and collaborate, as well as access to the tools needed to create a finished product. If you live in Los Angeles or are thinking about moving here, and want to be a part of what we're doing, feel free to reach out: Relax and get (un) comfortable.

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