By: Jenny Nelson

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The Best And Worst Uses Of Facebook’s “Thankful” Button

This weekend Facebook unveiled its first temporary reaction, a thankful purple flower for Mothers ‘ Day, and then, before you knew it, it was gone. Some people used it right and others effed it up big time.

The Coupon Sharer

GOOD ‘ That deserved a Thankful! You needed those coupons, especially after you could barely afford rent this month.

Actual Branded Content

BAD ‘ What are you, a friggin narc? Brands don ‘t deserve the satisfaction of a button! They don ‘t deserve a Like, or a Wow, and they especially don ‘t deserve a dang Thankful! Save your purple flowers for something worthwhile. If these precious bands are so thirsty for your reaction, then hell, why not throw an Angry their way?

Links to Petitions

GOOD ‘ Your friend and/or cousin was helpful to have linked you to this important petish (petition)! And you did a lot better than the idiots posting Wows. We get it, wow-posters, you ‘re shocked by a lot of things, too. We all are!

The ‘Oprah ‘

GOOD! ‘ It ‘d be rude to not say thanks for a free pudding, especially after you could barely afford rent this month.

If You Think You ‘re Hilarious

UHH, LET US THINK, YEAH IT ‘S GOOD! ‘ U R random, and so funny! If your Thankful reaction was its own Facebook post, we ‘d give it a Haha. We ‘d give it two if we could but that ‘s impossible!

Literally A Post About Purple Flowers

BADDD!! ‘ How are you involved in this??? Just because they ‘re purple flowers and so is the button? All of a sudden you ‘re thanking a boyfriend for getting his girlfriend a gift? Don ‘t be weird! Facebook is NOT the venue for this!

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