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Don’t Rule Out Bernie Sanders In NBA MVP Race

Last night Steph Curry was unanimously voted the MVP of the NBA. Now as a Bernie Sanders supporter, this was understandably disappointing, but I don ‘t think it ‘s the end of the road. Bernie still has a very real chance to win MVP.

This contest is far from decided. Yes, the NBA did publicly declare Steph Curry MVP. And yes, Curry he has accepted the award. And yes, every press outlet in the country is reporting it. And yes, they engraved the trophy with Step Curry ‘s name. But you can re-engrave a trophy with another name (it ‘s not hard, I ‘ve done it tons of times). And that name could definitely be Bernie Sanders.

Sanders is an outsider candidate who can finally disrupt the corrupt, self-congratulatory politics of the NBA and enact real change. The facts clearly show Bernie isn ‘t just some “inside basketball ‘ cog:

Here ‘s a poll that pits LeBron James ‘s stats against Steph Curry ‘s where LeBron emerges the clear winner:

And here ‘s that same matchup with Lebron James and Bernie Sanders.*

It ‘s clear if we want to beat LeBron, it ‘s gotta be Bernie over Curry.

Plus, you ‘d never see Bernie in a dang Foot Locker commercial. He ‘s accepted zero sponsorships, because none have ever been offered to him. And that ‘s the true “baller ‘ move.

We can do better as a country than bestowing an award for professional basketball on a professional basketball player. And I know you ‘re thinking, “Maybe the time isn ‘t right for Bernie ‘ or “There ‘s no way Bernie can take down LeBron in a national one-on-one basketball competition. ‘ But you ‘re wrong.

An America where a progressive, 74 year old Senator from Vermont can win MVP? That ‘s the America I want to live in.

*numbers approximated as Bernie Sanders has never played professional basketball

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