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‘Bar Rescue: Cheers’ Mashup Hopes To Fix Everything That’s Wrong With TV’s Favorite Bar

Cheers managed to stay on the air longer than almost every other sitcom in history, but a closer look tells an entirely different tale of the bar “where everybody knows your name. ‘

With “Bar Rescue: Cheers, ‘ comedian Robert Dean combines footage from the cable-staple Bar Rescue with clips of Sam and the gang attacking each other, over-serving customers and generally creating an unsafe workplace. These types of conditions would almost certainly lead to a poor health rating and could potentially close Cheers forever. NORM!

In reality, this is one of those ideas that ‘s so good, we ‘re already upset at the thought they ‘re may not be anymore. You hear us Dean? We demand to see a “Bar Rescue: Always Sunny ‘ episode next week in it ‘s regularly scheduled timeslot.

via Robert Dean

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