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Adam Sandler Found His Lookalike Online And Then You Can Probably Guess What Happened

Sometimes an Internet thing involving a celebrity and a rando pleb (jk!) will seem so coincidental that you think it has to be integrated marketing for a movie. Then you think that, it can ‘t be, that would be so crazy, and why do you have such a negative view of the world? Then you think, that ‘s how they trick you, they get you thinking so hard, they exhaust you, and then you just have to go see The Do-Over starring Adam Sandler, streaming on Netflix starting May 27th!

Anyways, that ‘s how we feel about Max Kessler, a 23-year-old Redditor who posted about looking just like Adam Sandler while also having the same name as Sandler ‘s Do-Over character. Sandler saw Kessler ‘s post, and then ‘ we ‘ll let you see the rest right here:

Insane, right? Here ‘s the full story of how it all shook out.

h/t BroBible

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