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Best Late Night Of The Morning: Andy Samberg Gets A Second Chance At One Of His Most Notoriously Bad Sketches

There are some jokes that you say just once and then they last forever, never to be said again, but always remembered nonetheless. Then, there are some jokes that you say a billion times until you ‘ve run those jokes into the ground, until it ‘s really fun for you and no fun for anyone else, and eventually maybe not even fun for you, either. Andy Samberg ‘s “Wanna Come With ‘ sketch, cut from SNL a decade ago, falls into the latter category, so it makes sense that it never made it past dress rehearsal.

Even so, yesterday, Seth Meyers ‘ ever-hopeful “Second Chance Theater”brought the joke back to life so we could all live it together, as well as re-experience Andy Samberg ‘s 2006 mop-top.

Even longer than the sketch is the “Inside the Actor ‘s Studio”style Q&A that came after:

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