By: Kady Ruth Ashcraft

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How To Subtly Incorporate Brands Into Your Instagram Posts

In 2016, there ‘s nothing more demanding than being an Instagram celebrity. It requires hustle, creative outlook, and intelligent branding to be a millennial influencer. The key is to stay as real as possible while simultaneously and effortlessly promoting the brands that are near and dear to your heart. Here ‘s how to do that.

In between #ads, you need to be raw and honest with your followers. Let them know that your life is crazy, you feel their struggles, and you, too, have not cleaned your room.

Next, it ‘s time to destress! With brand-names, of course. With a little work, you can fit all your plugs for destressors into just one stellar snap. If you ‘re being real enough, they won ‘t even know it ‘s a sponsored post.

What better way to celebrate your newfound organization and destressance than with some more of your favorite #products? Through your calmness and serenity, they won ‘t notice they ‘re being sold anything.

Once again, make sure to remind your followers that you ‘re more than the brands you follow, you ‘re a brand that ‘s also a real person on Instagram.

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