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Best Late Night Of The Morning: Seth Meyers’s Female Writers Return To Deliver More ‘Jokes Seth Can’t Tell’

There are some jokes that Seth Meyers can ‘t tell. Sometimes that ‘s because he doesn ‘t know the words to them well enough and he ‘s afraid he ‘ll mess up the delivery on TV and everyone will laugh at him instead of with him, and then he ‘ll go down in history for that big mess-up, but other times it ‘s because the jokes wouldn ‘t work coming out of his privileged lips.

That latter option is where Amber Ruffin and Jenny Hagel come in, returning with their flawless segment ‘Jokes Seth Can ‘t Tell, ‘ consisting of all the monologue jokes that are off-limits from a straight white dude but A-OK for Amber, a black woman, and Jenny, a woman-lesbian.

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