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Combat Juggling Is The Sport You Didn’t Know You Needed

We ‘ve always felt that juggling ought to be more competitive and aggressive. Sure, it ‘s impressive to throw pins high up in the air and yes, sometimes those pins are on fire, but unless another person is actively inhibiting your already impressive ability, it ‘s a big old snooze fest. So thank Clown-God herself that combat juggling is a thing because we were THIS close to writing off juggling forever.

The rules of combat juggling are simple: 1) Never stop juggling, 2) Try and make your opponent drop their pins, and 3) Don ‘t talk about combat juggling. Of course, the third rule has been already been broken because someone has uploaded VIDEO FOOTAGE of combat juggling and thank Clown-God they did, it looks nuts.

via Luke Burrage, h/t Digg

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