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Drive 2: The Uber Years Official Trailer (2016) Ryan Gosling

Official Trailer for Drive 2: The Uber Years (2016) Ryan Gosling *subscribe for updates and clips (@joeythompson23). Full credits below Ryan Gosling – Joey Thompson Directed by Fabio Frey Director of Photography – Mark Phillips Camera Assist – Bill Meese Voice 1 – Richard Green Voice 2/Getaway driving boss – Kevin Kelly (@mrkevinkelly) Love interest – Brenna Darling (@darlingbrenna01) Girl 1 “curly fries” – Becky Robinson (@beckyrobinson4) Girl 2 “I'm gonna puke” – Keely Kathleen Williams (@keelykathleen) Girl 3 “this night is about me” – Katie Gunderson (@katie.gunderson) Teen 1 – Pedro Correa (@thepedrochannel) Teen 2 – Morgan Lindholm (@molindholm) Bank Robber – Nikhil Deshpande Bro 1/vape smoker – Daniel Weingarten (@dwcomedy) Bro 2 “it's just vape” – Dustin Ybarra (@dustin_ybarra) Old Woman – Vera Taylor Woman with Baby – Sally Mullins Man in Shower – Martin Blanken Jack Sparrow- @captainjackofhollywood Michael Jackson – @mjofla Written by – Joey Thompson, Fabio Frey, Pedro Correa, Jacob Zulanch, Nikhil Deshpande Edited by Fabio Frey, Joey Thompson, Pedro Correa After Effects – DJ Fubu Associate Producer – Jacob Zulanch Production Assistants – Jake Dubberstein, Tori Musciano, Noah Mortel Stunt Driving – Den Harrow Casting – J Thomas Casting Costume – Connor Wilks Music (no copyrighted infringement intended) “F**K Up Some Commas” – Future “Tick of the Clock” – The Chromatics “On the Beach” – Cliff Martinez “The Drone” – College “Oh My Love” – Riz Ortolani “Uber Everywhere Remix” – Madeintyo ft Travis Scott Shot around Los Angeles, California Based off of “Drive” Directed by Nicholas Winding Refn, starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan

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