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15 Actual Preachers React To The Pilot Of AMC’s ‘Preacher’

On Sunday AMC debuted its new show Preacher. It ‘s based on the DC/Vertigo comic book about Jesse Custer, a Texas preacher possessed with the power to make anyone do whatever he tells them, who goes on a search to find God with his Irish vampire buddy and hard fighting girlfriend.

As expected, many actual preachers tuned in to see what it was about, and here ‘s what they ‘ve got to say.

“That opening scene, where the religious leaders explode while giving sermons? Very accurate. My congregants rarely leave church not covered in blood. ‘

“I make sure to explode in a bloodbath at the end of every sermon ‘ kudos to Preacher for getting it right. ‘

“Finally, with all these comic book adaptations out right now, they make a show that ‘s based on a book of the Bible. ‘

“I don ‘t have a vampire friend, but they tell us in divinity school that it happens at different times for different preachers. This guy must be far into his preaching career if he ‘s got a vampire friend. ‘

“His ex-girlfriend, who has a bazooka and bites that guy ‘s ear off, reminds me so much of my wife who I have many children with. ‘

“I gotta say, this show is giving away a bit too much of what we do at church and what people can expect from religion. ‘

“I ‘ll have to check, but I think those verses he says in his sermon are from the Bible. ‘

“The white collar that the Preacher wears ‘ you know, the tiny white strip? I wear one of those too! I ‘m always wearing those. ‘

“Oh boy, the white collar? Nice touch. ‘

“They really nailed how we all wear white collars. ‘

“I bet the white collar is from Arkmans Clergy Supply. That ‘s where we all get them. ‘

“The stubble, the messy hair, the who gives a damn attitude? I don ‘t normally want to fuck other preachers, but this guy does it for me. ‘

“I don ‘t think I really care about these characters. And that makes it a lot like being a priest in real life. A+. ‘

“I always suspected this is what Christianity was like, and this show proves I was 100% correct. ‘

“It makes me miss wearing the white collar that he gets to wear. It makes me miss everything about a being a regular priest! ‘

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